Tuesday, August 23, 2011

8 Reasons I Love Smarty Pig

I came upon this website by sheer accident, but once I found it, I signed up and I fell totally in love. Smarty Pig is incredibly user friendly and perfect for savings goals, for kids from 7 to 77-years-old. Instead of making you visit the website yourself to explore all of the legal mumbo jumbo, I’ll give you a quick recap of why I love it, and why you will too.

1.    APY of 1.10 percent –Better than average

2.    Set and separate goals – You don’t lump all your goals in one account. You create separate goals for independent needs. For instance, I have my emergency fund, my rainy day fund, my Christmas fund…all in one account, but separated accordingly; and I track all of my goals from my Smarty Pig dashboard. As I reach one, I cash out, but the rest of the money stays put; simple genius.

3.    It’s flexible. – Set up one time or recurring deposits. I set up recurring deposits on payday, and then add additional resources as available in my budget.

4.    Bonuses – Refer people and get paid $10 per person. You are limited to 100 referrals, but at $10 a piece that’s an extra $1,000.

5.    FDIC insured –As if I would suggest something that wasn’t.

6.    Cash back bonuses – Shop with the Smarty Pig pre-loadable MasterCard and earn cash back on groceries and gas.
 You can also convert your savings for cash back from leading retailers. For example, if you saved $2,000 toward new furniture and applied that $2,000 to a Macy’s gift card from Smarty Pig, they issue a bonus of 11% (or $220). Not too shabby, huh?

7.    Get your friends to give – Share your savings goals on your Facebook, Twitter or on your blog and your friends and family can contribute –awesome for fundraisers-- without having access to your account. For me, it also helps me stay accountable with my savings because I shared how much I saved, and everyone knows it.

8.    Out of sight, out of mind – Your savings are liquidated, but you aren’t staring at that number every day; thus, you aren’t tempted to spend it until you achieve your goal.

All in all, I love my Smarty Pig account. I spend and save more responsibly since I opened it, and I reach my goals much faster with the cute littly piggy by my side. I already met my goal for maxing out my emergency fund, flooring for my house and new kitchen appliances, and I’m on my way to finishing up more goals, and redeeming my savings. Smarty Pig is  100 percent free to set up and use, but does requires a $25 minimum deposit to get started.

But now that you know all of this awesome stuff, what are you waiting for? Visit www.smartypig.com