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Cash Crate: An In Depth Review

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

You STILL Aren't Using E-bates?

Let me get this straight. You STILL aren't using E-bates? Hold on a moment, I think I need to catch my breath. If you aren't using are really missing out.

What is it?
E-bates is an online hub, linking to over 1,200 different online  merchants; the merchants you shop at anyway. Every time you visit a merchant online using your E-bates link, you earn cash back --from 4 to 12 percent, and sometimes more. Everything from shoes to household goods to watches are all available using the E-bates website. Which merchants, you ask? Just to name a few:

The Home Depot
Old Navy
JC Penny
Office Max

...all on the E-bates website, along with thousands more. Since these are stores you probably frequent in person, how much more appealing is it to consider shopping in your jammies? (Believe me, it's addicting) 

How does it work?
Before you shop, log on to your E-bates account (did I mention it was free?) and look up your favorite store. Once your purchase is recorded, you are credited your cash back percentage and paid quaterly by either PayPal or a good, old-fashioned paper check --whichever you prefer.

Recently, I needed a new dishwasher. I did my due dilligence and read all of the consumer reports, then logged on to my account. I searched 'dishwasher' and found several stores, and several E-bates only specials. In fact, I saw that Lowes was offering a special on dishwashers, complete with free delivery and installation on top of the 2% cash back on my purchase from E-bates. Since the average cost of installation on a dishwasher is $120, I was already adding up some hefty savings. I found the dishwasher I wanted for $499 (I had budgeted $600 so...bonus) and then completed my transaction. Within a week, my account was credited $9.98 cash back.

I use E-bates for all of my kids back to school shopping, regular clothing shopping, appliance and furniture shopping. This year alone, I have earned $876 in cash back rewards for things I needed anyway, without ever leaving my house. None to shabby, if you ask me.

Earn Money
Sharing is caring, and E-bates is no exception. For every completed referral who signs up for a free account and does their shopping on the site, you earn $5. I refer 10 - 20 people each month, and earn an extra $50 - $100 in the process. Just by sharing a link that helps people save money. Now, how is THAT for pinching pennies?

How Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover Reshaped My Attitute

I am not a big fan of self-help books. Personally, I find them to be trite, hackeneyed hogwash. So you can imagine my disdain when a friend of my lent me the The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness. I sat and stared, agast that one of my dear friends had the audacity to lend me (ME) a self help book! However, this self-help book changed my outlook on money in a big way.

I don't think that anyone would argue with me if I said that we live in a credit based society. In fact, that's the catalyst that winds many people I know if a heap of financial trouble. I was once one of those people. The person who would see something she wanted and swipe that magically little piece of plastic, and walk out the door with said item; never thinking about the fact that I was actually paying over twice what it was worth by making those pitiful little minimum monthly payments. The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness changed all of that for me. Dave Ramsey's straight-to-the-point, no niceities advice, made me sit up and take notice of my financial state. My financial state wasn't good.

As I began to work my way through the "Baby Steps" outlined in the book,I realized that I needed to purchase the accompanying workbook as well. Once I received it, I went to town and got my finances straight. Dave inspired me to become more fiscially fit and inspired me to teach others. Many of my lessons on the Penny Pinchers website, or even my Yahoo personal finance colums follow much of his line of thinking, and often cite his "pay cash" attitude.

If your financial life could use a little bit of a check up, I highly reccomend this book. You won't be sorry. Of course, this wouldn't be Penny Pinchers if I told you to pay full price, now would it? Use the links on the page to get the absolute best, rock bottom price on the book and accompanying workbook.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Welcome to Penny Pinchers

So what is this Penny Pincher thing all about anyway? I mean, aren't there already a hundred or so places I can find money advice?

There might be, but none quite like this one.

And I'll tell you why. 

Penny Pinchers was a concept that I dreamed up while working as a freelance finance writer and budget guru, after realizing that the everyday finance experts out there were missing a few steps. For instance, the crucial step that takes you from "broke" to "not broke". Penny Pinchers is rudimentary --to a point-- but it also offers valuable information for people, no matter what stage of the financial game they find themselves in. Whether you are a youngster who needs to learn the basics of job hunting and budget management, the household financial manager who is looking to save a buck or five on groceries or the seasoned real estate investor who just wants some frugal living tips, Penny Pinchers is for you. 

I invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the blog.