I Rallied to Cover a $3,000 Medical Bill

I like to think that I am prepared for just about any financial catastrophe life could throw my way. Yet, when it rains, it pours. Financial setbacks happen despite my best preparations and they often happen at the worst possible time. Dealing with those setbacks sometimes means tapping into my creativity. 

The Year of the Dentist
December 31 ended what I aptly dubbed the "year of the dentist". My children had run up a $3,000 bill, through no fault of their own. My youngest had to have 11 baby teeth pulled and spacers put in their place, due to a strange genetic condition. My oldest daughter had shoddy dental work done on a three-year-old crown (and needed oral surgery) and my twins needed all four of their impacted wisdom teeth taken out. And, of course, all of this needed to be done as quickly as possible. How did I pull a $3,000 rabbit out of my hat right around Christmas time? 


I love your maney saving ideas. I always come away with a little something I can use. :)

It can be expensive if it happens all at once. Though you can opt for other dental services available.

I couldn't imagine how painful that must be for your child. It's already painful to have one tooth extraction. I think you might be interested to get porcelain veneers in Beverly Hills for your child after this one.

$3000 bill for several dental workouts is indeed huge and expensive. Have you clearly checked your bill? There must be some discrepancies. Anyway, I hope that you were able to resolve that issue.

Medical Billing Specialist

I would have rallied if I were there too. I think the medical insurance that we have should be used to the limit because it's quite expensive. My dentist in buckhead even suggested that it should also include dental health provisions.

3000 is a big amount for a teeth extraction but in my opinion its its worth it. The fact that it will cost more when you let it to be worse. I visit my dentist twice a year for my check up so my teeth are in good condition.

Seriously 3000 bucks is a huge chunk of money but the fact that your kids now are safe is more valuable than cash. Check up is really important I do mine for every 6 months at dorchester dentists and they are really good.

Right Eden. 3000 bucks is nothing for the kids health. Maybe tomorrow ill visit my local dentist for my check up and they do some cosmetic dentist boca raton too.

How much were left on your savings after spending three grand for the dental work? I have heard similar stories by dentists in rockford il having the same client as you are. I'm glad your children are ok by now.

$3000 for dental bills? Oh my god! Did you have to overhaul your kids entire mouth? I would never have anything near that amount with my dentist in germantown tn at least.

Woah that is a lot of money just for dental procedures? 3000 dollars is a huge amount for me. My dentist in las vegas doesn't even ask for that much! Not even near.

Spending $ 3,000 for a dental procedure is a big amount. I don’t get why your dental specialist charged you that much. It is heavy on the pocket in light of the fact that you are saving money.

Spending $ 3,000 for a dental procedure is a huge amount. I don’t get why your dental specilaist charged you that much.lexington dentist

I understand where you're coming from. I've had several treatments and procedures done with the dentist bartlett clinic but never have I been charged such exorbitant amount for dental procedures alone! That is preposterous to say the least.

I agree. Hope it doesn't affect dental insurance. But another upside for me is my dentist from dentistry in atlanta has a quite affordable price.

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