Get the taco bell $5 Chalupa Cravings Box for free


Taco Bell sells great quality tacos and Chalupa Cravings Box. The company started when Glen bell opened its very first branch in 1962. Since then the company has become the best among the competitors in terms of Mexican food and other items as well making sure you get the best from them at a great price. the company sells edible Mexican food at a very low price. the company also assures all the items sold are of great quality and through this service they have gained massive service among the people. Taco Bell and our more than 350 authorization organizations operate over 7,000 restaurants that work for more than 40 million customers each week in the U.S. Globally, the brand is increasing with nearly 500 eateries across almost 30 countries across the world.

Talking About Their Menu And Items They Offer:


Taco Bell has a large range of items on its menu selling one the best quality tacos in the country. They are actually famous for the Mexican foods they offer. Other than this they also make sure you get a free $5 chalupa every time you sign up for a new taco bell account on the website. And there is not only a single taco you can get much more than this when you buy from Taco Bell. This freebie is only available when you order and pay ahead for drive-thru pickup, no purchase is necessary.

Get Reward For Every 250 Points:

You can get the best rewards every time you score 250 points on the Taco Bell. You can earn up to 10 points on every item $1 bought. Other than this the items which can be bought from the points and rewards you get are Bean Burrito: $1.29, Chips & Nacho Cheese: $1.79, best value! Cinnamon Twists: $1.00, Crunchy Taco: $1.19, Medium Fountain Drink. On getting the reward of about 2500$ hits such as Chalupa Taco Bell Supreme: $3.69, Doritos Locos Tacos: $2.89, Nachos Bell Grande: $4.59, best value! Regular Mountain Dew: $2.39 is added to your 250 points reward items.

Save Upto 56% On Taco Bell Happy Hours:


You can get an amazing discount of up to 56% on medium drinks when you buy drinks during happy hours. The happy hours run from 2-5 pm every day making sure you buy medium drinks in the price of only $1. And it consists of drinks such as freezes, lemonade, Gatorade fruit punch, Baja blasts, Pepsi drinks, sparkling freezes, or iced tea, saving you $0.89-$1.29 per beverage.

Don’t Worry If You Have A Limited Budget:

No worries if you have a limited budget to spend on food you can check out the $1 menu of the company getting you items such as beef burrito, beefy potato-rito, cheesy bean, and rice burrito, cheesy roll-up, chicken chipotle melt, chips, and nacho cheese sauce, cinnamon twists, spicy potato soft taco in just a dollar. Isn’t that amazing for you that you can buy everyday food items for just $1.



Tacobell is the best option for you to satisfy your Mexican food craving and get tacos for you at a very great price. All items that are sold under the banner of Taco bell are of great quality and their quality can be easily judged through great customer service and customer reviews. You can also buy the exclusive Chalupa Cravings Box for free by just registering on the website. Isn’t that easy for you to get one of the best meals in town for just a fraction of the price? and this is not just about the free taco you can avail several other great discounts on the app as well. other than this you can also buy other items too making sure you get all the required items at a single place with quality and affordability


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