7 Places with Free Wifi Connection


We no longer live in times when looking for places with free wifi took a lot of hassle and effort. The availability of the internet has become more common than ever, therefore many places offer free connection.

Having said that, it is still quite hard to find whether the free Wi-Fi at some places is good enough or not. And the fact that there are plenty of places with free Wi-Fi makes it more difficult to figure out whether they have a good internet connection or not.

In order to make things easy for you, we bring you a list of restaurants, supermarkets and other places where the internet connection is definitely worth using.


The coffee giant doesn’t need any introduction, and just like their coffee, the internet they provide is also top-notch. Star bucks had recently partnered with Google to ensure that their customers get a free internet connection that is beyond excellent.



The good thing about Starbucks is that you don’t have to travel far since there are more than 7,000 branches located in the US alone. If you want to give it a try, then visit your nearby branch now, and you don’t even have to spend a lot. Just purchase a cup of coffee that would cost you hardly 2$ and enjoy their free connection.

Burger King


Our list of places with free internet wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t talk about Burger kind. Just like they make no compromise on the quality of their food, they make no compromise on the speed of the wifi available at any of their branch. With it, you can not only browse social networking applications but also you can stream things or even download them.

Apple Store

Another place where the wifi connection is free and top-notch and that is no other than the Apple store. It’s not necessary that ýou have to purchase anything to use the connection ( In that case, it would cost you a lot to use the free Wi-Fi).



Simply visit any of their official stores and use them. Their employee won’t even say something or notice it.

Marriott Hotels

A hotel is also a place where you would find an internet connection without making much effort. And if you want to get access to high-speed internet, then the place you need to be is Marriot. Whether you sit at the safe inside, you would find the internet speed fast as a fox.

Other than Marriott hotels, places with free internet include Fairfield Inn and Springs, SpringHill Suites, Residence Inn, and TownePlace Suites, which also offer free wireless, as well as a good rewards program for frequent travelers.



The best place where you can use get quality free Wi-Fi while shopping for grocery items is Target. Their internet connection is as good as their customer service. You can easily download stuff and stream HD quality videos with ease.


parks with wifi near me.

Yet another food chain that is easy to find and offers high-speed internet is none other than McDonald’s. They have over 11,500 branches all over the US, and at each of their outlet, you can use high-speed internet. And in order to find a branch nearby you, simply website and restaurant locator.

Taco Bell


Taco Bell was late to places with free Wi-Fi club as they never offered such services in its 5,600 stores until 2011. But it didn’t take any longer for them to break out fast-food competitors like McDonald’s and Burger King as they offer more than three times better speed than them. So if your assignment is pending, and your internet isn’t working. You know where to go!



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