5 Plus Size Outfits That You Should Definitely Go For

There is no doubt women look beautiful regardless of what size or shape are they in. But many of the brands that are out there only tend to pay much attention to women with plus size clothing. Therefore, you will hardly ever find an array of collections for plus-size women.

Since there are very few options available under this category, it gets very difficult to know what exactly one should be looking for while purchasing plus-size dresses.  We are here to make things convenient by letting you know what exactly you should be looking for while you purchase plus-size dresses.

Wrap Dresses

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are something which always goes on women with plus sizes. Particularly the ones with complementary style for those which are heavier on top, while the wrap element will highlight your waist shape in a pleasing way. It is a go-to dress for special occasions of any kind. Once you start carrying wrap dresses, there will simply never be any way back to it.


Another dress that perfectly goes on plus size women is a tunic or also known as longer tops. It gives a flattering look on most, if not all, body shapes. What’s more flattering about these dresses is that they hide those areas that might not feel too comfortable with. In order to enhance your capsule wardrobe, make use that you must add at least one or two tunic dresses.

Where to shop:

Take a look at Lovely WholeSale for an array of jersey tunics and Dorothy Perkins for longer length tops. While you’re at it, don’t forget to redeem exciting discounts with Lovely Wholesale Coupon.

Tailored outfits

A tailored outfit is something that is not too tight or too loose and most importantly it gives you a formal look while getting to stay in your comfort. However, there is a lack of tailored options for plus-size women, so if you’re in looking for a Tailored outfit, you might have to make a little more effort to find the look you’re looking for.

Curve-hugging pencil skirts

Clothes are supposed to make you feel good, frumpy, which is why it’s time for you to reject the age-old rhetoric of ‘dressing to suit your age’. Instead, go for the dresses that flatter your body shape and do complete justice with it.  And if you wonder what you should wear with plus size then a curve-hugging pencil shirt is your answer.  It gives the illusion of a defined waist and, while it may be cinched around the middle, it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Most high-waisted pencil skirts come in stretchy fabrics that sit comfortably and provide a bit of breathing room at the same time.

Jeans or jeggings

plus size jeans

As for trousers, jeans are your best friend, but it’s comfy stretch fabrics all the way, we say! Find a pair with a bit of giving at the waist and try a darker color (black or dark blue) if you want to make your legs look slimmer. Jeggings are the ideal alternative to jeans if you find the latter isn’t comfortable enough. Pair with a longer length top, a blouse or a jumper depending on the occasion (and weather!).




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