What Is OfferUp? Here Is All You Need To Know About it From A To Z

Is offerup legit

If you still aren’t familiar with OfferUp and still ask people the question that “What is Offerup?’’. Well, no need to panic, we are here to tell you everything about OfferUp. It is basically an ideal platform to get your hands on used items such as home decor, baby gear, furniture, camping equipment, a Blendtec blender, snowshoes, and whatnot.  Within a very short time, OfferUp has made its way to become one of the leading websites for buying and selling used items of all types.

How Does Offer Up Works?

what is offerup

A seller list an item on Offerup with the price tag on which he wishes to sell. If any buyer likes the listed item can make a tentative agreement about the price with the seller. The buyer can also inspect the item in-person before purchasing. If the buyer is satisfied than he can purchase it directly from the seller. OfferUp keeps on commission from neither of the parties.

Is OfferUp Safe?

  1. It’s More Secure


Offerup takes all the right measures to make its customer buying or selling experience on its platform more secure. Users get the choice to link their Facebook account and login with it. Moreover, with the TreYou program, users can scan their state IDs. They also have a feature of rating that allows the seller to rate the buyer so the user can easily figure out whether the seller or buyer holds a strong reputation or not.

2. Easier to use

Unlike its competitors, Offerup doesn’t take much time to create a new post, neither do the users have to contact each other via email or phone. It only takes a duration of 30 seconds to post an ad on it. And can get in touch with each other on the OfferUp messenger with makes it more convenient for both to interact with each other with ease.

Is OfferUp Legit?

We are sure that you got the answers to your question “What is Offerup?’’ but must wonder if is it legit or not? Here is how it is legit.

To the current date, from OfferUp users have locally bought and sold items worth $20 billion. Around there are more than 85 million downloads across the country and used to buy and sell used stuff. The company runs its business from Washington, where they have more than 200 staff members working for them.

What Are The Drawbacks Of OfferUp?

Can’t Sell Many Features

You get the choice to only view items on Offerup when you have opened it on the web.  If you want to purchase, then you have to use the application.  Similarly, there are many other options that you can only use the mobile application.

Rate system

On Offerup you can only get their choice to rate the buyer and not the seller. Because of this, you can easily get up purchasing a faulty item from an unreliable seller because there is no other way to check that.  However, you still get to flag the person. But surely isn’t as effective as a rating.

It’s Not Free

Unlike many of their platforms like Craigslist and Facebook yard sale pages, OfferUp is not free of any cost. You have to pay 1.99 per post if you wish to get your item on the top of the search list.



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