About Us

So what is this Penny Pincher thing all about anyway? I mean, aren’t there already a hundred or so places I can find money advice?

There might be, but none quite like this one.And I’ll tell you why. 

Penny Pinchers was a concept that I dreamed up while working as a freelance finance writer and budget guru, after realizing that the everyday finance experts out there were missing a few steps. For instance, the crucial step that takes you from “broke” to “not broke”. Penny Pinchers is rudimentary –to a point– but it also offers valuable information for people, no matter what stage of the financial game they find themselves in. Whether you are a youngster who needs to learn the basics of job hunting and budget management, the household financial manager who is looking to save a buck or five on groceries or the seasoned real estate investor who just wants some frugal living tips, Penny Pinchers is for you. 

I invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the blog.