5 Best Dermatologist On Instagram That Are Must Follow


We are living in times when social media platforms are ruled by influencers. Unlike the old times, there is no need for a person to belong from TV to be a social media influencer. He or she can be from any field, whether it be from cooking, haircare, bodybuilding, or whatnot. 

The same is the case with dermatologists! No matter which part of the world you live in, you can easily find out a number of best dermatologist on Instagram.

By following them on their social media platforms, you can keep up with all the latest skincare tips and treatments. In this article, we have listed down the most reputable dermatologist that you should definitely consider following on Instagram.  


If you’re a beauty freak and skincare lover, then you have enough reasons to follow her. She is quite active on the social media platform and is always making short videos about all sorts of skincare issues like anti-aging and allegers. 

She is very generous when it comes to answering the queries of her followers, and also doesn’t feel shy to help them out. 


Additionally, she also has a master’s degree in journalism and media reporting. If you check out her Instagram page, you will notice that she is quite passionate about education. She currently has 38k followers, and it seems to be growing with the passage of time. 


If there is a guy who can be called as the best dermatologist on Instagram, then it is Dr. Shino bay. What he does is, perfectly balances fun and serious content so that his followers don’t get bored while following him.  

His professionalism is what makes him shine through the stories which he posts daily. 


You can even DM him with your skin-related issue, as he isn’t shy in replying back and helping his followers out 


She is another inspirational dermatologist found on Instagram, who is quite passionate about her work and never hesitates to assist people with their skin issues. She aims to educate and inspire the public about what is possible with aesthetic procedures. 

Sabrina likes to share the most cutting edge medical news beyond what is happening in aesthetics, as I believe the biggest breakthroughs in one field happen from learning and applying what other fields are doing. 


She’s the kind of dermatologist who educates, entertains, and creatively emphasizes real life. Heidi creates and posts everything by herself, in order to provide beneficial information to provide followers at maximum level.  

Because of her friendly nature, her followers don’t show any hesitating in reaching her out with their problems. Many people even call her the best dermatologist. She has this popular hashtag (#heideasonthego) at which she replies to all those who ask questions by using it. 


Dr. Dendy Engelman is a celebrity dermatologist working in New York. She uses her Instagram to not only share her life with the followers but also posts content that is helpful for her followers. She also has a regular series with her followers by the hashtag of #BAMs in which she does a QnA session. 

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