Depop vs Poshmark: Which One Is Better?


There is this long going debate about Depop vs Poshmark that just doesn’t seem to be settling. Hence, many people are still in search of the question ‘which one is better’. If you’re one of them, then you have surely come to the right place. We will be giving you a proper insight into both of the platforms and let you know which one is better.

Over recent times, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of reselling applications, but among these only two of these have come out as stand as the best, which includes Depop and Poshmark. Whether you’re looking to get rid of clothes that don’t fit you anymore or purchased used items at affordable rates, you’re most likely to rely on either of these platforms; Poshmark vs Depop.  

Depop vs Poshmark: Selling

Poshmark is a marketplace with over 60 million users within North America and approximately 100 million items for sale. If you’re looking to grab high-end clothing products in used condition, then it is a go-to place for you. While Depop is a UK based fashion-forward resale marketplace which comparatively gives more flexibility to sell or buy things. ( Such as Clothing, Jewellery, Art, Home, Kids, Beauty, Sports Equipment, Transportation, Other, Books & Magazines, Film, and Music).

Depop Vs Poshmark: Shipping

In the Depop vs Poshmark debate, shipping is something that is very easy. On Poshmark, the buyers pay a flat shipping price of $7.11 on packages weighing 5lbs and less. While on Depop, you get the choice to ship with Depop or any other party and the shipping charges vary on the size of the products. Having said that, on Depop most functions are only available on the application.

Depop Vs Poshmark: Features

The features of both the applications are more or less the same. One can gain followers, bump or share your other’s post to get the extra attention, in turn, and sales. At Poshmark, there is one key feature that you can negotiate prices with the seller. This feature isn’t found on Depop. 

Moreover, on Poshmark you also have to feature “parties” with which you can virtually mingle with other community members, interact with new sellers, and built your PR. 

Depop vs Poshmark: Support

When we talk about Poshmark vs Depop customer support, they both primarily offer their service over mail. Both the buyers and sellers have access to this service. Other than that, they also have robust, public information centers where they have all the details of customers. 

One thing which is different between them is over handling the disputes. Poshmark directly oversees all sorts of disputes among buyers and sellers ( i.e, size issue or inadequate quality). Whereas, Depop functions differently as on the platform resellers are essentially eCommerce merchants, setting their individual return policies and rules.

Depop vs Poshmark: Payment

Both the websites offer convenient and hassle-free online payment service with just a tap of a button. Customers can find multiple payment options, which makes both straightforward and accessible. However, on Poshmark there are relatively more choices. 

Depop Vs Poshmark: Listing

The overall process of listing items on Poshmark is quite easy. You need to just make a few clicks, upload the picture of items, create a description with relevant search terms (including brand, size, and condition). The mobile phone application and websites are both mobile-friendly which allows users you easily use them on their smartphones. Whereas, Depop also offers a pretty simple listing process and mobile-friendly. You can list on desktop or mobile phone by taking a picture of your item (up to four), adding up to five hashtags and a relevant category.


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