6 Everyone’s Favorite Brands For Footwear


The footwear industry is flourishing and growing with each passing day as people have become more fashion-conscious as they have never been before.  People now require a different type of footwear for each outfit and therefore the need for the footwear is as high as the need for clothing. And Because of the high competition, brands have started to focusing more on providing top-notch quality along with the style which is up to the latest fashion trends. But there are some brands out of all that have paved their way to becoming everyone’s favorite in the footwear market.



Nike is the largest supplier and unarguably the leading names when it comes to athletic shoes. The footwear they produce is durable, stylish, attractive which is exactly want to attract people towards them and makes it their favorite brands.  The company was founded back in  1964  by its co-founder Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. It didn’t take them long to expand their business throughout the world. Today footwear is not the only thing that they focus on, but they are also associated with apparel, accessories, and sports equipment.



It is also one of those footwear brands which is highly famous across the globe as they offer footwear that is highly comfy and stylish.  They take the help of modern technology to prepare their footwear and currently is one of the leading manufacturers of sports, lifestyle, and running shoes. From professions to beginner level athletes, everyone prefers to go for Adidas footwear over any other.  It is also the sponsor of the UEFA Champions League and New York Yankees. And just like Nike, Adidas also manufactures clothing and other equipment, apart from shoes.



If there is any footwear brand with which you can easily make a fashion statement, that without any doubt, Jordan. It is also a multinational company which doesn’t need any introduction as it is the choice of several athletes and sportspersons that are out there.  Jordan is an American origin company which was founded in 1984 by the famous basketball player Micheal Jordan. This is why it is one of the favorite brands of all basketball fans, especially in the US. Jordan is associated with designing, manufacturing, and marketing apparel as well as basketball shoes.



A shoe pair is determined by its outer look and the level of comfort it offers, and this is exactly why Vans is considered as one in-demand footwear brand. It supplies exquisite footwear that is not only stylish but also super durable. The brand has managed to get the attention of athletes with specially designed sports footwear and also the young generation with its contemporary and diverse product range.



If there is any shoe store where you can find a different variety of footwear, then it surely is Puma. The brand designs and manufactures skating shoes, sports shoes, and casual shoes that provide exceptional durability and amazing comfort. It is a Germany based company which was founded in 1948 by a man named Rudolf Dassler and ever since then, the brand is offering its products for training and fitness, running, football, basketball, motorsports, and golf.

Under Armour

Under Armour is a brand for all; men, women, and the young generation. The brand is highly popular for supplying footwear unique styles and attractive designs. It’s an American origin brand that was launched in 1996 and over the passing years the company turns into million dollar company by manufacturing, distributing, developing, and marketing apparel, casual shoes, running shoes, performance training footwear, basketball shoes, slides, cleated and sports shoes. Under Armour is currently one of the favorite brands of people from all across the world and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.



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