OfferUp Vs LetGo – Which One Is The Real Winner? Let’s Find It Out


OfferUp vs Letgo: There was a time when one could only buy and sell new things on the internet, and that was pretty much it. But in current times, there exist a valuable market online where we can purchase and sell used items locally. Among these platforms, you would find two popular names, and that is LetGo and OfferUp.

Whether you’re are a buyer or seller, both the platforms are user-friendly and quite convenient. These two have gained such a significant amount of popularity that they have left behind the giants like eBay and Craigslist. Now the hot debate is which one of these standouts and outshines the other.

In this article, we are going to compare each of the features these two offer side by side in order to determine the real winner.

Moderation And Devices



At OfferUp you get to choose to sell working and broken devices. It means that you can list anything regardless of what condition it is in. Though there is a list of “Prohibited Items” that you’re not allowed to sell such as illegal drugs, live animals and fireworks, etc. But other than that, you would find an extensive range of items up for sale on their platform.


While on Letgo things are quite similar as you can also sell anything except for prohibited items. Whereas, under the tech category alone you would find plenty of choices. The platform lets you sell even working or broken tech items that makes it hard to evaluate whether the item is in good condition or not.

In the first round of OfferUp vs Letgo, we would give an upper hand to OfferUp from the buyer’s point of you. While for sellers perceptive Letgo takes the lead. So we call this round even!

Online Support



The OfferUp provides customer support to both the parties that include buyer and seller,. For some specific questions, OffersUp recommends users to connect with their support team on Twitter, or through an online help form available on their website.


Letgo also has a help center where you could get the answer to common questions like ‘how to post a listing?’. ‘ How to send message to buyer’ and many more. In case you don’t find the question on that list you can simply get your query resolved by filling it on the online foam.

This round of OfferUp vs Letgo has been very much tight. It would be fair enough to call it a tire as well.

Payments And Fees Structure


When it comes to fees, OfferUp doesn’t have any! While for users who want to ship an item, the seller has to pay the service fee. Offerup encourages buyers to either pay with cash or PayPal in case both the parties agree. In local transactions, OfferUp users have no choice to refund.


On the other hand, Letgo doesn’t handle payments through their application. They take no responsibility and completely leave it to the buyer and seller to determine the process of payment. However, Letgo does offer refunds in some cases.

In the third round of the OfferUp vs Letgo debate,  OfferUp has outclassed Letgo by a slight margin.



As far as safety is concerned, OfferUp has a number of ways in order to keep the user safe. These ways are listed below.

User profiles and ratings – this lets the buyer determine whether the seller is trustworthy or not.

TruYou – a way for the user to confirm their identity with an ID, Facebook profile, phone number, and email.

Community MeetUp Spots – guidance on where and how to meet up with someone in person.


Whereas Letgo provides information on how to keep the marketplace safe such as:

A policy of zero-tolerance on stolen goods. Stolen items are strictly prohibited on Letgo. However, there is no mechanism to ensure that the item is stolen.

Local Law enforcement says “work closely with local law enforcement all over the country to help keep Letgo secure and safe.”

In the last round of OfferUp vs Letgo, Letgo takes the clear edge!



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