Top 6 Shag Haircut That Are Always In Trend


Haircut trends keep on changing over time. 2020 is all about this rock n roll Shag Haircut, and it has been a top favorite for all the celebrities in town. The haircut is extremely cool, effortless, messy, and mussy at the same time. From long to short, there are many types of shag hairstyles including choppy ends, many layers, different textures, shorty and messy, long, and cool. This vintage haircut came in vogue past year, and now it is trending everywhere, all you have to do is go through your Instagram and check out profiles of different Hollywood actresses, your mind will be blown off with the styles and variations they have adopted in this Shaggy Haircut. We have gathered some of the best Shag Haircuts and Styles that we noticed on social media and Hollywood.

Long Shag

Credit: Pinterest/Glamour

First up is the Long Shag Hairstyle, this version of shag has been quite popular as it gives out a sexy look. However, to carry this hairstyle you need to have a curly hair, to give it a much attractive and sexier version. We have found Halle Berry to be one of the ambassadors of this Shag Haircut for a long time. Now she is efficiently carrying the Long Shag Hairstyle and it is quite true to say that Halle is killing it.

Messy Shag

Credit: Getty Images

You must have heard this phrase “Short Hair Don’t Care”, right? Well, Messy Shag is the perfect example of it. It is quite messy, casual, and looks effortless. It contains a straight short shag haircut; the messy touch in the style makes it stunning and fabulous. If you want to look at the perfect example of the messy shag, just look the cutest beauty of Hollywood Diana Argon, she has carried the haircut outstandingly. She has added more texture, grey color, and looks quite natural. You can imitate the look and stand out in the crowd.

The Shag Bob


The Shag Bob is quite a famous version of Shag Haircut, it contains choppy ends and amazing layers, and it contains bob-long hair. Actor Maria Valverde is a stunning example of a The Shag Bob haircut. The Spanish actress looks sizzling hot in the haircut.

Fall In Love Shag

The fall in love shag is a variation that will make you fall in love with this hairstyle again and again. This style is originated by the hairstylist of Jennifer Lawrence. The style contains long-bob hair with different layers and shag. The cut is quite similar to messy shag with an added touch of coolness.

Soft, Sheek Shag

The famous American fashion model Karlie Kloss has stunned everyone with her Soft Sheek Shaggy Haircut. She put new flavors, artistic, and newness to the style, creating her variation of the Shag Haircut. It is straight, short, a touch messy, and cool as well.

So, if you are thinking to get a shaggy haircut, you can imitate any one of the above. It is a sure thing that any one of these will give you a killer look.

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