Tirescanner Merges With Tirebuyer! Here’s How You Can Benefit From It


One of the most crucial purchases that you make for your vehicle regardless of what type of it you own is none other than the tires. It’s the most important feature from the safety aspect. So when you’re planning to purchase tires, keep in mind that you’re purchasing from a reliable name in the industry like TireBuyer. It is the place that gives you the easiest way to buy quality tires and wheels as they cater to the largest selection of brand-name tires, fast and free along with thousands of trusted local installers from all over the country. The brand has changed the way people purchase tires and wheels completely. Here are four reasons why you should trust

Variety Of Choices


TireBuyer brings a truly massive collection and the knowledge to ensure that you get the best tires while you purchase from their store. They have more than three million tires and wheels in stock, from all the reputable brands. And if you’re confused about what to buy and whatnot, then you can always fully trust and rely on TireBuyer’s inventory which has plenty of choices to offer you.



While purchasing new tires, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re getting the ones that are long-lasting. And when you’re at Tirebuyer, then the longevity is the least you need to be worried about as they supply tires that last between 40,000 and 100,000 miles (64,374 and 160,934 kilometers) and that too in all seasons.


Just like the car, tires come with various features. Some tires may help you reduce the amount of stopping distance for your car, while others come in handy in increasing your car’s fuel economy, and others can be used safely even after they’ve been severely punctured.

At Tirebuyer you can buy all different features of tires in one place within very reasonable prices rates. And that’s not all! They also offer snow tires which are known to be a severe weather icon on the sidewall, usually a mountain with a snowflake inside, and they offer even more traction than a typical all-season tire

Value Of Money

Getting your tire replaced and fixed is surely something that comes in a bit handy on your budget. And in most cases, people end up purchasing tires that do no justice to the paid amount. But when it comes to Tirebuyer, it is a completely different scenario. The store gives top priority to the value of money by supplying the tires which are quality is up to the price rates at which they are available.

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Customer-friendly Service


In all the amazing things about tire buyers, the one which tops all is the quality customer-friendly service that they provide. Whether you make a purchase at their online store or visit your nearby center, you would get to experience a beyond satisfactory experience.

And that they have proven by winning various awards. Their customer service team has over 150 years of combined experience in the auto industry, setting high bars for its competitors.



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