What is billabong And What Does It Offer? Let’s Get To Know


If you still haven’t found a satisfactory answer to your question “What is billabong?” then chill out. We have everything sorted out for you! Billabong is basically an iconic Australian brand of lifestyle and surf that has initially by Gordon Merchant.

The word billabong is originally derived from the Wiradjuri word bilaban, which means to ‘creek that runs only during the rainy season,’

Gordon Merchant was an ex-Maroubra surfer and embraced the surfing lifestyle of Australia in the late 60s and early 70s. By the year 1973, Gordon and his then-partner Rena initiated manufacturing handmade boardshorts. He made full use of the unique triple-stitching technique that was specially designed to withstand the longest elements.

Driven By Desire

Gordon put him all effort into making the brand stand firm, and it didn’t take him any longer to take the business into a modern factory. He bought a warehouse in West Burleigh, and the Australian Surfing Industry took. He moved into a modern warehouse located in West Burleigh, and the Australian Surfing Industry took note of his desire to bring top quality boardshorts in the market.

What is billabong?

As the brand started to emerge, there were more people found asking the question “What is billabong?” It was the time when Gordon realized that business was at the stage of spending globally.

Billabong was first exported abroad to Japan, Europe, California, and New Zealand in the late 80s. And to maintain the standard of the brand, Gordon established international licenses. Moreover, he started hiring experts from the surfing industry that included Wayne Bartholomew, Joe Engel, Taj Burrows, and so on and so forth.  


Where Does Billabong Stand Today 

In today’s world, the brand has become so much popular that you would barely come across anyone asking “What is Billabong?” Because when the kids know about the brand and what it offers.

The brand has also purchased many of the reputable brands like Von Zipper and Element in 2001, and Kustom Footwear and Palmers Surf in 2004, enhancing its brands and licenses. The main purpose of getting more brands on board is to offer their customer more and more products at one stop, so there is no need for them to go anywhere else.

If you visit their online or physical store, you would come across an extensive line of products such as wet suits, spring suits, wetsuits tops, wetsuit accessories. That is just the product line of one category. If we specially talk about their clothing range, it includes T-shirts, shorts, jeans, hoodies, shirts, hoodies, and a lot more.  


Whether it be the price rates of the products or the quality of it, the store has always kept the customer’s satisfaction its top priority. Therefore, the majority of the people show their trust in the brand and visit it for all their surfing and clothing needs.

Plus, Billabong is always coming up with an exciting deal and offers that let their loyal customers get amazing off prices. Even if you visit their online store, you will come across a sales section, and there you will find many deals and offers whenever you’ll it.

Shop from the top-notch line of products with Billabong Coupon and get amazing off prices on your purchase.


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