7 Must-Watch Christmas Movies On Netflix 

Christmas Movies On Netflix: The holiday season is just around the corner, and like everything else, this year’s Christmas holidays would be quite different due to Covid-19. Many of those who are always planning to travel places have to stay at home. In such circumstances, arguably the best way to spend holidays at home is by binge-watching your favorite Christmas Movies in your cozy blanket with hot cocoa. This is how you would be able to get full festive vibes even while staying at home. Similar to Lifetime and Hallmark, Netflix will also be kicking off their movie season. In this article, we will be letting you people know about old and new Christmas movies on Netflix that you are definitely worth watching.




A guy and a girl, who barely know each other creates a pact of becoming each other’s ‘holidate’ for all the holiday festivities. The movie involves love, comedy, romance, and intimacy. The two main characters Sloane and Jackson were played by Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, subsequently. It’s one of the latest Christmas movies on Netflix that has the potential to make your holiday season exciting. 

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey


In this movie, one would find all the hallmarks of a perfect Christmas tale. Jingle Jangle is about someone who has lost faith in the holiday loneliness, and then the resurgence of the spirit, thanks to the love and company of a long-lost family member. Moreover, bonus points for not just regurgitating the same, whitewashed Christmas narrative overused every year.  


netflix-christmas-movieshis movie Klaus would end up making you feel Nostalgic just like a movie from your childhood would do. It is Netflix’s first-ever Academy Award-nominated animated film that revolves around a Santa Claus featuring a reclusive toymaker. It is a perfect Christmas movie which people of all ages can enjoy.

The Knight Before Christmas


You simply can’t complete your Christmas movies on Netflix list without The Knight Before Christmas. It is a movie about a gorgeous woman disillusioned by the prospect of finding true love. Later on, she meets a man who might change her perception about love (watch the movie to find out!) If you want to experience the perfect blend of romance and comedy, then you surely need to include in your watch list.

A Christmas Prince


This Christmas movie released back in 2017 had proved the point that the people of Netflix love watching movies related to Christmas. The movie is about an ambitious American journalist who visits a fictional European village to cover the royal family and ends up loving in love with the price.

The Christmas Chronicles


There a fascination in the US about wanting to capture Santa Clause or wanting it to escape. The  Christmas Chronicles which was released in 2018 revolves around the same plot. It’s about two kids having the goal of capturing the Santa. And in order to make it possible, they make all efforts. Watch the movie to find whether they achieve it or not.

The Holiday Calendar


Another not to miss Christmas movies on Netflix movie includes The Holiday Calendar. It is a movie about a photographer who inherits a magical Advent calendar that predicts her future. It has everything that one expects to see in a Christmas or a holiday movie. 

Operation Christmas Drop


Erica Miller and captain Andrew Jantz played by Kat Graham and Alexander Ludwig engage in conflict in this holiday-oriented romantic comedy movie. But as she gradually gets to know more about Captain’s Air Force Base, she learns there’s some holiday magic that is hiding behind the walls. It is a perfect Christmas movie that you can enjoy with your partner and feel the festive vibes. 


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