What Fashion Trend Did Miami Vice Make Popular?


what fashion trend did Miami Vice make popular?” : Miami Vice which is a popular TV series that came out back in the 1980s had made an impact which was beyond the small screen. The main character of the show officers Sonny Crockett which was played by Don Johnson had a significant impact on the American culture of that time.

Of all the impacts, the most notable is the fashion trend which still exists. In this blog, we will solely focus on answering “what fashion trend did Miami Vice make popular?”

Before we go forward, let’s give you a little brief of the show which will help you develop insight. 

The show was shot at Miami in order to include originality in it. While the main characters of the show were Det. Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs who brought life to the show and it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that the show would be nowhere if these characters weren’t part of the show.

The series went on for five seasons, and the characters we talked about above were detectives who were undercover in Miami. The show made certain fashion trends which are followed to date, amongst which are the following:

No Socks Trend

Sonny Crockett, the character around which the show revolved was never seen wearing socks in any scene, all though he wore blazers along with formal shoes. And it didn’t take much time for it to become a fashion trend. Even today people follow this trend when they wear blazers.


Pastel Colors

If you watch the show, there is one thing that will definitely catch your attention and that is the colors used in the star’s wardrobe. This also become a huge fashion trend in the 80s and is still being followed. The show had simply no room for dark colors whatsoever.

V-neck T-shirts

Another thing which can be the answer to “what fashion trend did Miami Vice make popular?” is he V-neck t-shirts that were worn by the characters of the show commonly along with the jacket and trousers. In this trend, t-shirts are tucked in the trouser just like the character Don does in the show.

Unique Style Blazers

Unlike other trends, this trend was only carried by one character of the show and it was of Ricardo Tubbs. The blazer he wore was double-breasted and sleek, and also matching with trouser. Within this trend includes rolling up the sleeves of the blazer and wearing a t-shirt with it. Up till now this look is considered fashionable and followed by many.

Shoulder Pads

One of the trends which had a significant impact on the fashion of that time was of shoulder pads in blazers, jackets, and even t-shirts. You simply can think of the show without shoulder pads popping up in your mind.

Wayfarer Shades

It wouldn’t be fair if we don’t include Wayfarer shades in our “what fashion trend did Miami Vice make popular?” blog. Even today, this trend of wearing wayfarer shades is considered truly fashionable. Without any doubt, it is the most constant element of the classic TV show.


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